Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 21, 2015: Four Point Restraints/Dr. Johnny Lops/E.A. Rappaport/Lysten Boston

Matt and Max with Dr. Johnny Lops

The band Four Point Restraints return to Citywide Blackout to tell us about some new music in the works, an upcoming show at Club Bohemia, and to delight our ears with a live acoustic set.

Next, w have the pleasure of talking to Dr. Johnny Lops, author of the self help book, "Reinvent Yourself: The Essential Tools from a Brooklyn Psychiatrist Who Has Seen It All."
How do we rise above anger and self-doubt to achieve our most deeply held goals? We'll talk about this and much more.

Author E.A. Rappaport of Owl King Publishing calls in to talk about his lengthy fantasy series, which will bring together nine books from six separate trilogies to form one expansive world! Plus, he's got new comic titles in the works.

Like going to shows? Then stick around for our final interview with Alyssa Spector of Lysten Boston, a great resource for musicians, fans, and venues.
Alyssa's been booking shows of all kinds, and we'll pick her brain for all the how-tos of what makes a great event.

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