Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept.11, 2014: Zombie Frogs/Talk With Me/George Woods

Zombie Frogs

 The instrumental metal/prog band Zombie Frogs joins us with a killer live set at the start of the show. They've got shows aplenty and new tunes in the works. BONUS: after the end of the show, we've got an exclusive interview with the band in the WEMF studio.
Filmmaker Peter Cannon is next with his PSA series "Talk With Me." This project, which Peter has a close connection to, looks at the issue of teen suicide, the causes, and the effects. It's part art project part outreach campaign. It's designed to inspire teenagers suffering from mental illness and suicidal thoughts by showing them representations of what a suicidal mindset could look like.

George Woods and Heather Smist
George Woods and Heather Smist return to talk about the return of "Heartbeat: A Modern Dance Rock Concert." This show was at the Oberon last fall, and it was such a huge success, that George and the crew behind it are bringing it back for another run.

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