Friday, February 22, 2013

Citywide Blackout-Cougar Bait, Jeremy Jed Hammel, Rory Gory, Patrick DeCoste

Boston-based Cougar Bait is back with a brand new electronic sound and lineup, and they're going to show us what it's all about with a great live set.

Local filmmaker Jeremy Jed Hammel talks about his Superman-inspired short film The Legacy, his Filmshift Festival taking place this October, and many other projects, awards and all kinds of film talk.

Rory Gory gives Citywide Blackout the inside scoop on her upcoming film, The Audience.

Instrumental artist Patrick DeCoste shows his surgical guitar skills and talks about his albums, "Show Me The Way To Go Home" and "Inside the Unsaid." Be sure to catch him at O'Brien's on March 11.

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