Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bradox64 new album out NOW!

Bradox64, an eclectic electronic artist from Southern NH, is releasing his debut full-length album through Bluntface Records. Titled Once Upon a Time That Hasn't Happened Yet, Bradox64 combines elements of Breakcore, Digital Hardcore, 8-bit Nintendo sounds and highly experimental noise into one giant mix of sound. Needless to say, classifying Bradox64 into one genre is very difficult.

Bradox64 is a one man project, featuring Braden McFarland as the founder and main antagonist behind the project. He released a split album last year with fellow Electronic guru Credit Card Salesman, a release that was featured on the site Grindcore Karaoke. Now his full-length debut is available on Bluntface Records. We have included a FREE download code of the first single The Venus Knot, to this newsletter! We hope you enjoy the newest addition to the label, Bradox64!

Otto Kinzel makes Best of 2012 list again!
We are so proud to announce that, for the second year in a row, Otto Kinzel's album We Are All Doomed: The Zodiac Killer has been acknowledged by The Hippo Press (NH) and writer Eric Saeger as one of the best releases of 2012. This is in the 2012 Year in Review issue.

Included on a list with Korn, Ministry, Band of Skulls, Foxy Shazam and several others. Its a huge honor and very humbling, thank you everyone! Read the full list of "Recommended 2012 albums" HERE

Speaking of Otto, he'll be doing a live interview on British radio station Wicked Spins, for the Alteria Anarchy Wicked Spins broadcast. It'll air at 5pm EST. You can list online. Check out the Facebook event, which has all the relevant info, HERE

Dark Vision now on iTunes!
Dark Vision, who is another new act on Bluntface, now has their new album Ingrowth available through iTunes. You can purchase it HERE.

Two more announcements for early 2013
We will having two additional announcements in early the beginning of January, and the other in early revel who the other new additions to Bluntface Records will be.
We'll give you a small hint:
one is an Industrial-Metal band from Philadelphia, and the other is a psychedelic/experimental DJ from Rhode Island. Things are going to be very exciting in this next year so stay tuned!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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