Sunday, November 21, 2010

D-Fect-Nothing broken about it

Okay, let me cut right to the chase here and give you the final verdict on the music of D-Fect. Get. It. Now.

This hip-hop artist brings some tight flows, clever word use and catchy beats to his self-titled debut album. D-Fect prides himself on being a self-made man, doing all his own writing and recording, with help from some of his closest friends. Scoffing the current hip-hop trends, D-Fect goes for the jugular in this CD, with lines like "You really think I need help selling these bomb tracks/So I can walk up into label offices and start pissing on contracts." The man knows he's got talent, and what's more, doesn't ask for or need help from labels to make his career a reality.

D-Fect keeps the rhyming to a moderate pace, enough for the listener to follow, but not so slow that you might mistake his work for some easy-listening jam. The tone is solid and passionate, and whether it's a crowd of 200 or 2, he brings the same level of professionalism to the table. Along with taking a few potshots at the mainstream styles, Nicastro's beats speak to his own dedication, working his 9-5 like the rest of us, and spending the rest of the day working on new music. Local guests Joey Werra, Cloud 9 and Rated R make an appearance on the album.

Without a doubt the most memorable of the tracks is "Mayberry the Muffin Man," a tune about a morbidly obese man who eventually dies after overdosing on chocolate. It's weird, off-beat, but well put-together, and reminds me a lot of the Insane Clown Posse's brand of way left-of-center lyrics. All in all, a solid debut for this local performer.

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