Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 28, 2018: Secret Police/Laren Taylor/Amy Kucharik

Me and Laren Taylor
Director Michael Z. Atrata and actor Paul Held have a new movie in the works, “Secret Police,” which touches on the current political and cultural climate. Michael has a lot to say about how current events have influenced a lot of artists to speak in their unique way on what’s going on. We also talk about how the newest tech has changed the film industry, both for good and ill.

Singer-songwriter Laren Taylor joins me to talk about her upcoming move to the West Coast, her musical experience there as well as a huge upcoming project. At 17, Laren is already laying the groundwork for her musical career, both in the classroom and on stage.

Amy Kucharik returns to the show after a couple yeas to talk about her new album, “Until the Words are Gone.” It’s a tremendous collection of music, and Amy also did the cover art. We dive into the creative process for both, as well as the tour she has ongoing for the new album.

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