Sunday, June 24, 2018

June 21, 2018: Shaded Glitch/Genie Santiago/Stories in Motion/Ryan Pinette

Max and Shaded Glitch
EDM artist Shaded Glitch is in to talk about his recent release, “Starving Artist,” and the struggle of making a career in the music industry. He also shares his musical theater background and how that’s come into play with his music.

Hip-hop/R&B artist Genie Santiago is back with her recently-released debut album, “Know Your Worth.” This EP has been in the making for awhile, and Genie talks about the response since it came out, and the process of putting it together. She also talks about the upcoming Femme Fatale show that she’ a part of, and how the role of women in entertainment has changed.

Chris Esper of the production company Stories in Motion has two new short films hitting the festival circuit and gives us the info on these new projects, a silent film which explores anxiety, and a drama on the subject of corrupt police officers. We learn about the actors and actresses he worked with, and how he balances this which his day job making videos for weddings, businesses, and musicians.

Singer-songwriter Ryan Pinette closes out the show with some live songs, one of which is a world exclusive. He’s got a lot of shows coming up and along with sharing that info, he’s played at some of the biggest venues in Boston. He also has a band, Ryan Pinette and the Baystaters, and he gives the history of the group.

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