Monday, December 11, 2023

New book defines the meaning of home

For Roberta Kuriloff, much of her life has been spent finding her home—from living in an orphanage following the deaths of her mother and aunt and separation from her father to standing on a plot of land in Maine preparing to build her new house.

In “Framing a Life: Building a Space to Be Me,” Kuriloff chronicles this journey, bringing together several journals that she kept over the years. The book details an eight-year spiritual quest where she explore her Jewish roots, how she came to understand the losses and the influence they had on her, and discovering her sense of self.

In this interview, Roberta speaks with Max on the concept of ‘home’ and what it means to her. We talk about the writing process and what inspired her decision to share the story with the world. Roberta shares the losses she’s endured, and how she’s grown through them into the person she is today. We also go into the spiritual quest and what she experienced during that time.

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