Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Poet Quinn Bailey brings it back to nature in new book

Poet Quinn Bailey always had a strong connection to the natural world, so much so that it's become his career. His new book, “The Currents Of The World,” collects a variety of poems shaped by witnessing, again and again, the power of nature. The poems have a pretty straightforward approach, but touch on a number of themes, such as the beauty of nature, the joy of dance, and trusting growth to happen in its time.

Quinn and I talk about the origins of the book and how he came to the attention of Homebound Publications. He looks back to how he first connected with nature and his favorite settings for writing his poems. We also talk about how he came to the decision to collect his poems and find a publisher to share them with the world.

To close out the interview, the author gives us a reading, sharing two poems—one from the book, along with a brand new one.

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