Saturday, December 14, 2019

Rhode Author Island Expo, Part 1

Here it is, my interviews from the recent Rhode Author Island Expo!

First up is Karen Gasperini—technically my last pre-show interview the day before—talks about her popular “Arianna's Magic Boots” series which feature's Karen's daughter as the main character.

Following that it's Christine Lajewski, who was last on the show about a year ago. She catches us up on what she has been up to, including some exciting news about her book “Bonebelly.”

Emily Tallman's books include characters with mental illness with the goal that more people will see themselves as worthwhile individuals and no longer just horror movie villains.

The final interview in this episode is with Therese Zink, whose main character Dr. Ann McLannly is a doctor working with international aid missions. It's something that Zink has personal experience with and she shares some of her times working with missions such as these.

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