Wednesday, November 20, 2019

SuperMegaFest: Cosplay, haunted houses, and the danger of typos

Ben and I with the cast of Typo Squad 
In this episode, Ben Chou and I enjoy a day at the great local con, SuperMegaFest. There's some amazing creatives here and we showcase a sampling of them on the show. First up, authors Killarney and Margaret Traynor tells about their Encounter Series, a collection of stories that begin with the phrase “what if?” This includes haunted houses and alien invasions, but more is coming.

Next, Stephen Lomer debuts the short film adaptation of his book series, “Typo Squad.” Stephen talks about the transition from book to film and how the story changed to fit the medium. We also look at the stellar cast of this film and the different qualities they bring to the show.

Cosplay artist Chelsea Von Chastity closes out the day by telling us about the Princess Ariel costume she wore for SuperMegaFest as well as the many other ones she has created over the years. She's been to a number of other cons over the years and shares a few stories about those great times.

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