Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Rhode Island Comic-Con, Part 2

In the second installment of our Rhode Island Comic-Con coverage, I speak with cosplayer Zabracus about joining the vast community of convention-goers, some of her more challenging costumes, and being on the East Coast for the first time.

Writer Jenn Dugan and artist Ryan Butt share their comic series “Gnaw” and “Circadia”, stories of rodent apocalypses and love across worlds. We dive deep into the concepts and the work done to bring them to life.

Author Debra Zannelli has some great tales to talk about! Her books, “Dark Night of the Soul” and “Sister World I: The Arrival” offer deep, introspective characters, some amazing alternate histories, and ominous backdrops, and tells us all about them.

Cosplay Dad has been to a number of the conventions in New England, whether it's as Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond or Mr. Rogers. He tells us about what got him into cosplay, experiences with the RICC, and what he has planned for future costumes.

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