Monday, April 29, 2019

April 28, 2019: Michelle DesPres/Kayce Hughlett

Author Michelle DesPres is up first, and she has a great story to share. A certified clairvoyant, she talks about how one tells the real deal from the fakes. She's got a new book out called In "Intuitively You," and in this she breaks down the stereotypes that only certain people are gifted with intuition and teaches how intuition can be utilized in every situation. 

Kayce Stevens Hughlett lived her life in a successful career before one day deciding to give that up to pursue a new career as a life coach and author. Her new book “Soulstroller” follows her journey through family hardships, dramatic changes, and the new life she's created for herself.

The music for this week's program is “Wishing You The Best” from Monique Brown, currently up for an 2019 LDM award and “Cry” by Lightly Plugged. Both are members of the International Singer Songwriters Association.

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