Monday, November 7, 2016

Nov. 3, 2016:Sam Kafrissen/Josh Dahl/Supermega Fest, Part 2

Comic author Josh Dahl
Host Max Bowen talks about some recent news in the local music scene as well as the upcoming shows and events.

At the top of the second hour, author Sam Kafrissen shares his stories of growing up in West Warwick, Rhode Island, and how this influenced his Hugh Doherty Mystery series. Sam also the origin of Hugh, and how he goes from small-town private eye to solving murders and protecting Nazi war criminals.

Josh Dahl has worked in comics for years, and on the show he unveils his newest project, Rapid City, a series where real-life events are seen through the eyes of superheroes. He has two titles, Below Zero and Objects at Rest, and both tell interesting, insightful stories.

BONUS: The Blackout Bootleg series rolls on with our interviews with the stellar artists at Super Megafest. Comic creator Bob Salley talks about his series Salvagers and author MK Shwartz gives the story behind his Ratarra fantasy series.

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