Sunday, February 14, 2016

Feb. 11, 2016: Andrew Martin/Sudbury Savoyards/Abandoned Asylums of Massachusetts

Andrew Martin and his wife Erin played live on the show
We start off with singer-songwriter Andrew Martin to talk about his debut album, EP 1. Andrew's been performing for years, both solo and with bands, and we talk about the recording process and some of the shows he's performed in.

Next up is Tony Parkes, stage director for The Sudbury Savoyards. They're working on a production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Sorcerer," an interesting tale on love gone out of control! This is Tony's first time directing, but he's worked with the Savoyards for the past 20 years. We talk about the other members of the cast, and what it's like working with a community theater group.

Our final guest are authors Tammy Rebello and L.F. Blanchard for "Abandoned Asylums of Massachusetts," released by Arcadia Publishing. These two toured a number of asylums, many of which were closed years ago, and spoke to some of the people that once walked the halls to learn what mental health used to be like.

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