Friday, November 21, 2014

Citywide Blackout podcasts now available on iTunes

Citywide Blackout is now available on iTunes!! If you missed last weeks show with Best Dressed and Cougarbait you now can download it right to your phone's Podcast player. Just search Citywide Blackout in the iTunes Store or click the link below. Each segment is broken up into Chapters so you can go back and listen to a certain part or song again with ease. Each segment is also hyperlinked so if you click on the description you will be taken to that guests website to either download their music, check out shows, dates, or whatever that guest is talking about all while the show is still playing.

Last nights episode should be available by the beginning of the week and we will be rolling out past episodes as we go. Thank you for listening and now you can put us in your pocket and take us with you everywhere. That's kind of scary. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite turkeys.

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