Sunday, April 17, 2011

Citywide Blackout moves to UNregular Radio

After two years on CyberStationUSA, Citywide Blackout has moved to a new home, UNRegular Radio. This locally owned and operated station features a variety of programming, including The Boston Local Music Show, I'm Just Sayin' The Early Show and The Dating Marketplace, with a strong, Boston-based audience. Producers and hosts Max Bowen and Rumel Mahmood went through a long process before decided to move the show to this station.

With this new location comes a whole new look for the show. For the past two years, Citywide Blackout has featured a wide array of Boston-based musicians. Now, that lens has been widened to include local entertainment, including movies, comedy and much, much more.

During the first episode, Bowen and Mahmood spoke to the organizers of Queer Women in Music, the cast and crew of the hit dark comedy The Joneses and the band Brief Awakening. Expect much more on Citywide Blackout, which now airs live every Saturday from 6-8 p.m.

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