Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blacker is back!

I've been a huge fan of Sarah Blacker's tunes for some time, so it's with great excitement and anticipation that I unveil the news of her new album release, "Come What May." I got the chance to listen to a few of her tunes, which you can check out via her web site.

Sarah's music has a relaxing power to it. You crank up the volume and let your mind float away on the melodies. The title track, "Come What May," is a perfect example of this. The music is gentle, and Sarah's voice takes a casual stroll through your mind, inviting you to drop whatever's got you twisted up inside and kick back for a few.

"Knocked The Winds" and "When I Was New" picks up the pace, showing that Blacker's got more than one musical gear at her disposal. Do yourself a favor and pick up her first album, "The Only Way Out Is Through."

And if this amazing tuneage wasn't enough, Sarah's also delving into the world of video, with one for her song "Driven," which you can check out here.

Sarah's been on several tours, and her accomplishments proves her skill time and again. This info comes from a press release sent by her manager, Roni Pillischer.

Her song 'Smell of Caramel,' off of 'TOWOiT,' was recently signed by Black Cloud Promotions for licensing in TV and movies, and it also garnered her the recent win in the Subaru competition. She was one of my top picks for my top 10 Artists of 2009 in the Noise Magazine. She was the number two artist of WMVY's [Martha's Vineyard] Unchartered Waters Series.

Blacker was the recent winner of Radio 92.9/Boch Subaru's artist competition, and became the voice and face of Subaru of New England's "Ooh, ooh it's love," TV and radio campaign airing throughout New England and the mid-atlantic region for several months this fall/winter.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

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