Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Great Scott-InAeona, The Battleships Cometh, A Wish for Fire and Protean Collective

InAeona, The Battleships Cometh, A Wish for Fire and Protean Collective

One of the best shows of 2010, without a doubt! The metal band InAeona made for a strong opening with a great light display during their set. The music's heavy, but blends a variety of sounds to make this trio stand out in a big way. Lead singer Bridge's lyrics matched the instruments shot for shot, never backing down for a moment.

The Battleships Cometh....well, they lack definition, but that's not a bad thing at all. With songs like "Kata of the Man Bear," this rock quartet sticks in your mind in the best way possible-by sounding like nothing you've heard before. Lead singer Leilani gets in the audience's face and dares them to wander back to the bar. I noticed few in the crowd taking the challenge.

A Wish for Fire kept the momentum going with an intense set. Great vocals combined with pulsing instrumentation caught the audience and held them fast-suffice to say, their CD has been added to my collection. The crowd responded in a huge way, and I can see how they've played a sold-out show at the Middle East.

I've reviewed the onstage antics of Protean Collective more times than I can say-literally! This was their last show of the year and the beginning of a break for the band as they work on new material. They played a couple new songs, and if this is any indication of what's coming up, I'll be first in line for the new CD.

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