Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gram National 2010

Holy, and shit. In that order. Gram National 2010 was an amazing two days of some the best music I've heard in a long time. From local acts like Jeff Byrd and the Dirty Finch to national performers like Lydia Loveless, the bill sported some amazing musicians! In between sets Dave DeLuca of the Highway Ghosts took the stage to talk about the Gram Parsons Petition, a nationwide initiative to get Gram Parsons inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Why he isn't in there already is a mystery to me, but hopefully this event pushes that one step further towards completion. Check out the Citywide Blackout Facebook page here for over 150 photos of the performers, and check back for reviews and music spotlights on the artists.


  1. Thanks, Max, just saw this, sorry to take so long to respond. I was spending so much time preparing for GN that, well, need to catch up on other things... I am gratified to say the least to receive this message from you, whom I've learned to respect greatly, as well as others who were there those two nights. While I am not from Boston, I felt it and have been told by both fans and players alike that it was beyond special for them. I want to thank the musicians and all involved (including my daughter at the door, without whom I could not have done it). I want you all to know that you folks in Boston/Cambridge (yes, and Quincy and South Shore!), are very special, and together we will succeed in our ultimate goal:
    Thanks, Will James
    Exec Director, Gram Parsons Petition Project & Gram National

  2. Who's Anne? Must be logged into my wife's account!

  3. And of course a great job by my Cambridge-ville Publicity Assistant, Melissa.