Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seanyc, Blazzing, Mike Boston, Angel Cakes, Anti_Theory-All Asia, Oct. 9

One hell of an afternoon at the All Asia with an unforgettable hip-hop lineup!

Seanyc and Blazzing were first on stage. Seanyc's got a tight, fast style while Blazzing brings an easy rhythm and flow. Together they blew the crowd away, and got on stage towards the end for an encore performance for some latecomers.

Mike Boston is a true vet of the industry, and his songs were passionate, with a lot to say but nowhere near enough time to say it all. His daughters, the Angel Cakes, are still pretty young, but have amazing talent for kids their age.

Anti_Theory is a good friend of mine, and his style is free as the wind, flowing with the music effortlessly with some classic lines. It's not for everyone, but the hell with those who don't get it, this guy's got such dedication to the music. And let's not forget Odi, who laid out the tracks for the whole night!

You can check out the full photo gallery here.

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