Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Citywide Show Report-Battle Cry Highway, The Bozo Nightmare, Gambiza

Let's face it-Sundays suck. As the day preceding the dreaded work week, they're the ones where we get the least accomplished, and usually call it way before we should.

But this need not be so if you were lucky enough to be at the All Asia on the 24th, where a show of riotous proportions was held! Okay, so there were no riots, but we had a damned good time!

Battle Cry Highway, a band I got hooked up with via the magic of Facebook postings, brought their stellar rock sound to the show. These guys have an old school style, straight up rock & roll the way it was meant to be. Front man Kevin Graham has some great chops on the mic, and his tuning talk was hilarious! This Waltham-based trio is new to the Boston area, but expect big things as they continue to play out.

The Bozo Nightmare is one of those occurrences that defies description. Johnny Rev has a style all his own, and his techno-laced songs about Colorado City and some shitty relationships are the kind you want to pay attention to. He's got great confidence on stage, and you can tell from the music that this is a guy who's done some serious living.

So what do you get when you cross cheese, shiny pants and Super Baby Bunnies? No idea? Me neither. Wait, I do, it's Gambiza! A theatrical quartet that dons bunny ears, throws out slices of cheese, and generally fills the room with epic music, these guys don't command respect, they rip it out of you! Frontwoman Rachel Gambiza is barely contained when she takes the stage. Forget mournful tunes about loves lost, these guys are rocking out with super-powered rabbits! Doesn't get any better!

You can check out more pics here, and be sure to give Citywide Blackout a listen every Thursday at 10 p.m. on www.cyberstationusa.com.

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