Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grownup Noise EP review

The Lizard Lounge was packed for the Grownup Noise's CD release show last Saturday, so much so that one of my friends had to wait outside, as the club was filled to capacity. Certainly a good sign for this fivesome as they continue their summer/fall tour.

But as they say, 1 million fans can't be wrong. And with music this good, I wouldn't be surprised if the band's fanbase was in the seven figures.

The new album from the Grownup Noise, "Shall We?" gives another taste of the band's laid-back rock style. What I like about this CD is that it's busy-from the drums to the cello to the keyboard, there's a lot happening here, and you find yourself listening to this five-song album over and over to catch it all. It may not rupture my eardrums, but neither does it put me to sleep. Quite the opposite, actually. It's perfect for my long drive to work in the morning.

Vocalist and spokesperson for the big n' tall outlets Paul Hansen once more lends his voice to the music. He's got a relaxing tone, the kind that cuts through all the chatter and babble of the world around you, sort of the reverse of a death metal singer. As I looked around the club during the show, I found not a soul was looking at their cell phone or texting their friends.

I've already run this CD through my player a dozen times, but what the hell. Let's listen again, shall we?
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Paul Hansen: guitar/ vocals
Adam Sankowski: bass/ vocals/ stuff
Katie Franich: cello, other nice sounding stuff, moral support
Todd Marsten: Keys, Accordion, Beatboxing
Aine Fujioka: Drums, percussion
Extended Drummer Family: Kyle Crane, Attis Clopton

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