Sunday, April 25, 2010

New artists, new shows

Hey all, just wanted to give a couple updates on some of the great artists I've seen as of late.

Last Thursday at the Cantab Lounge, I caught a great raggae show put on by Rasta People Promotions. Kallilah, Jahfritte, King-I and Nomad-I. An amazing night of tunes, and you can expect photos and videos on my Facebook and MySpace sites soon.

Last night, I caught a show at Church, one of my favorite clubs in the city. My top act for the night-T.A.S.T.E., who brought a whole new rythm and flow to the place. I was able to meet with the manager Andy, and you can expect them on the show in the near future.

Check out there site at

Also, I'm in the process of booking at show at the All Asia on Saturday, May 22 at 3 p.m. Just drop me a line at if you're interested.

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