Friday, April 9, 2010

Manager at the Mic column

Check it out! We've got our first submission to the Citywide Blackout blog! Rob Loyot of Perriello Production/Noise in the Attic Recording Studio.

"Manager at the Mic"
The start of the new year gives every band a chance to assess what they have accomplished in the past year and set goals for the upcoming one. This is a great time to "get your house" in order. Here's my list of 7 items to check in on (I'm sick of Top 10 lists):

1) Review your web properties. MySpace, website, FaceBook group, Ourstage, Reverb Nation, AirPlay Direct, SonicBids etc. Where-ever you have a web presence - review it and get it up-to-date with current materials. Go a level higher and setup your sites so you enter tour data only once and "push" it to other sites by using RSS feeds wherever possible.

2) Recompile your press kit. Review your "One-sheet" and other press materials. Make sure you have current CD or gig reviews.

3) Festival booking - now is the time to apply to festivals. You can use the "Musician's Atlas"

4) Update your Music Industry Contacts - People move around - don't lose track of your industry friends. Same as above

5) Email key industry contacts (using the above) and update them on your career. This should be done quarterly. Booking Agents, Labels, Managers, Publicists - whomever it is you need - reach out to them so they remember you. Keep it brief, upbeat and friendly.

6) Look at the upcoming year by quarters and set realistic goals for each. This becomes the basis for your business plan for the year. For example - if you intend to self-release a new CD lay out your schedule. 1st quarter - pre-production, rehearsals, select studio, select Producer (where applicable). 2nd quarter - record, mix, master, album artwork, select promoters for press and radio. 3rd quarter - pre-release reviews, CD manufacture, CD release, promotion. 4th quarter - tour behind release, secure further reviews.

7) Even if you have touring included in your answer to #6 above - make sure to review your touring routes and frequency. You must service brand new markets every 3 - 4 months and your established markets 2 - 3 times a year.

"Manager at the Mic" is a column geared toward emerging artists. It's goal is to provide honest advice and guidance in a straight forward style.

Rob Loyot is a Musician/Producer/Audio Engineer and Artist Manager with 20+ years of music industry experience. You can learn more about Rob by reading his blogs at:

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