Friday, April 30, 2010

Karmic Music Singer Songwriter series

"Singer Songwriter Series"
A Showcase Presented by Karmic Agency
Contact: Curtis Hughes, Booking, Karmic Music (617) 460-6309

Cambridge, MA May 20, 2010 - "Singer/Songwriter Series" Presented by Karmic Agency, an entertainment company focused in the music industry, offering services in recording, production, and promotions.

Karmic is a full service production company for the independent artist or band of any size. In addition to music recording projects, Karmic is involved with voiceover work, radio ads, music beds, and custom music for corporate training videos.

Jason Labbe is a native to the Boston area. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist whose vocation includes Saxophone, Guitar, and Drums. His music covers a very wide range of genres that sounds reminiscent to that of John Mayer, and Howie Day among others. With his forth-coming album entitled “Sub-duE: The Music Within,” Jason tries to expand upon his sound by including more rock, pop, and dance elements in his writing. Since coming onto the songwriting music scene, Jason has found success performing in a variety of local venues throughout Massachusetts.

Peter Bertrand started playing drums at the age of fifteen and found a passion in rhythm. This passion has transcended into learning the guitar, and honing his songwriting skills. Over time his unique sound has evolved, which Peter calls “Percussive Soul” a style not easily described but is best heard. Peter’s lyrics are just as personal, with much of his musical inspiration stemming from Western Massachusetts; Peter’s music is unique, expressive, and as fresh as they come. Kevin GriffinKobie Ali is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist originally from Washington, DC. In 2006 Kobie moved north and has been rocking Boston ever since. His music is filled with a mix of funk, rock, jazz, and soul influences. Currently he is fronting Lovesexy, New England's only tribute to the music of Prince. He has enjoyed successful performances at Harpers Ferry, Copperfield’s, Church, along with interviews and live performances at Curry College.

Corey Road is an honest rock band with a unique sound all their own. With driving rock rhythms, plaintive ballads, soulful grooves, and resounding hope, Corey Road explores the pains and ecstasies of love, the confusions of modern life, and the isolation shared by so many artists before them. Their live performances are expressive and passionate. Simply put, with a catchy melodies and a great beat this rock band will captivate audiences everywhere.

Mariami Bibilouri takes influences from R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop and various International genres. Her keen attention to lyrical detail and melody is intelligible, yet her compositions are simple, sexy and inspiring. Her backing musicians provides additional dynamic elements that helps elevate her music to a plateau that is not seen in today’s commercial music. Their live shows are charged with electricity, passion, and unmistakable talent. The dynamic energy has audiences feeling inspired, lifted and wanting more. Mariami has already rocked audiences everywhere from Boston's Berklee Performance Center to New York City's famous Bitter End in the village. With a few honorable accolades under her wing, including her recent designation as Skope Magazine's "Artist to Watch", Mariami needs prove nothing. It's all in the music, and it's all in the soul.

Show Information- Singer Songwriter presented by Karmic Agency.Thursday, May 20, 2010All Asia334 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA. 02139 Venue Phone: (617) 497-1544 Time: 6:00pm - 12amTickets: $8 21+, $12 18+; at the door Ages: 18+ until 10pm 21+ thereafter Contact: Curtis Hughes Booking, Karmic Music (617) 460-6309

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