Friday, February 26, 2021

Author Sarah C. Patten brings us into the world of WWII spies in debut novel

In this episode, writer Sarah C. Patten take readers into a world of love and espionage with her debut novel, “The Measure of Gold,” available on March 2.

The year is 1940. Following the death of her father Penelope receives a letter from her longtime friend Naomi, urging her to join her in Paris. There, she falls into the esoteric world of alchemy and espionage, and spies on the clients of a powerful French brothel.

Sarah and I talk about the lengthy research that went into this book, as well as the different turns it took in the worldbuilding process. We look at her background both as a writing teacher and short story writer and how both helped prepare her for this new milestone in her career.

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