Saturday, June 2, 2018

May 31, 2018: Brian Murphy and Kate Eppers/Heidi Martin/Bugsy H/Prateek Poddar

Bugsy H and Sasa
Brian Murphy of One Time Mountain and singer-songwriter Kate Eppers start things off with a ton of updates. Both have shows in the works, and we also talk about the audio book project that we’re working on together. Plus, they stick around to help me co-host the program.

Author Heidi Martin is next with two books to talk about—one, a kid’s book about an adventure to find buried treasure, and a novel about a woman’s mission of self-discovery and hope. Heidi tells us what led her to enter the writing world, the lessons learned through her editor, and the artists who lent their talent to the finished product.

Hip-hop artist Bugsy H is back and this time he brought a guest! Poet and model Sasa and he crossed paths at a train station, and a random interaction has lead to a new partnership. Sasa has helped model the Ris Wear that Bugsy launched, and is also lending her writing talents to future music.

Singer-songwriter Prateek Poddar returns fresh off his time at the Kerrville Folk Festival. He made it to the finals and got the chance to meet fellow musicians of all kinds. He’s back doing shows and shares some personal stories behind some of his recent releases.

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