Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dec. 28, 2017: Parlour Bells/Drive-By Bukkake

John and Brian of Drive-By Bukkake
Citywide Blackout closes 2017 in an amazing way, with Goddamn Glenn of the band Parlour Bells. The band released a new album, "Waylaid in the Melee," with a tremendous response from their fans. Glenn and Max talk about the work that went into this one and the political elements incorporated into some of the songs. We also talk about future goals, especially the hope that we have that things will improve.

John and Brian of the band Drive-By Bukkake are also in to talk about a new release, "Crucial Loads." In addition to the digital release, the band has also put out a limited, 100-copy vinyl release. John, Brian, and Max talk about the music media of old, and how it's making a comeback in a number of ways.

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