Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nov. 2, 2017: Copperfrog Games/D.R. Perry/Johnny I Band

Michael Epstein of Copperfrog Games
On this show, I welcome back Michael Epstein, game designer with Copperfrog Games. He's working on a new game, Pigment, where players take on the role of Renaissance painters to create their masterpieces. Michael talks about the work that into creating the game, the Kickstarter campaign now nearing completion, and his upcoming convention appearances to promote Pigment.

Author D.R. Perry has written a number of fantasy-themed books set here in New England, and will be among those at the annual Rhode Author Island Expo. She's released two books in her ongoing Wiser Guys and Nine Lives series, and talks about those and the other titles she's working on.

John Ingrassia of the Johnny I Band closes the show with look at his new album, the "Johnny I All Star Blues Revival, Vol. 1." This album is a massive collaboration effort with musicians such as Billy Cox, Bruce Katz, Tommy Shannon, and many more. John talks about the process of writing the songs working with so many great artists, how they helped shape the songs, and the upcoming second volume.

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