Sunday, November 26, 2017

Blackout Bootleg: Rhode Island Comic-Con

Max and Ben spent the weekend of Nov. 10 hanging with the stellar artists of the Rhode Island Comic-Con. In this podcast we talk to authors L.L. Craft, Stephanie Deschenes, Heather Dunn, Tom Davis, and cartoonist Tim Jones.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Blackout Bootleg: Boston Asian American Film Festival, Part 2

Convention Correspondent Ben Chou's collected a great set of interviews with the filmmakers, cast, and organizers of the annual Boston Asian American Film Festival. This is the second of two parts.

Blackout Bootleg: Boston Asian American Film Festival, Part 1

Convention Correspondent Ben Chou's collected a great set of interviews with the filmmakers, cast, and organizers of the annual Boston Asian American Film Festival. This is the first of two parts.

Nov. 16, 2017: Leaving Eden/Bob Bradshaw/Joann Mead/Isolated Antagonist

Leaving Eden
Boston rock band Leaving Eden is up first, talking about their newest release, "Out of the Ashes." The band has toured all over North America and Europe, and they share some of their stories from the road as well as the many shows they have lined up.

Singer-songwriter Bob Bradshaw has some great tales to share in his new album, "American Echoes," which is 25 years in the making. The set marks Bob Bradshaw√Ęs seventh studio recording, and is a tribute to his time spent absorbing the music of his adopted home, the United States. We talk about the Americana genre, the artists he grew up listening to, and his goals performing in Boston.

Author Joann Mead has some thrilling bioterror tales in her two books, "Underlying Crimes" and "Tiger Tiger." What may be most terrifying is that the science in her books is far more fact than fiction. She shares the research that went into the books, and perhaps gets the better of host Max Bowen.

Glen Mitchell of the metal duo Isolated Antagonist returns to Citywide to talk about their new album, "Oblivion," set to be released Nov. 20 on Bluntface Records. Presales went to Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, and Glen talks about the amazing person and their tragic passing that led to this donation.
The album has an added level of awesome with ex-Fear Factory member Christian Olde Wolbers.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nov. 9, 2017: Rachel Marie/60 Kel/Satin Russell/Young Bizzness

Author Satin Russell
Opening the show, singer-songwriter Rachel Marie brings some great acoustic tunes to Citywide. She's got a new album in the works, and shares some of the personal stories behind her music. Originally of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, she's been in Boston for a few years and has a lot planned for her time here.

60 Kel returns to the show with the Stripeteam, A.B. Soarin, Mark Mula, and more to talk about his new single, "Imma Go Get It," He's also got some upcoming music videos in the works.

Author Satin Russell is next, and talks about her Harper Sisters Trilogy. She made the call a few years ago to change from the financial industry to the world of writing, and she talks about the work that went into making this transition. Since then, she's published two books, and has a lot to share about being a self-published author and the many roles they take on.

Rapper Young Bizzness closes out the show. He too has an album set to be released early next year, "Medical Degree." He's been making music for the last decade, and shares some insight into getting into the music world.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nov. 2, 2017: Copperfrog Games/D.R. Perry/Johnny I Band

Michael Epstein of Copperfrog Games
On this show, I welcome back Michael Epstein, game designer with Copperfrog Games. He's working on a new game, Pigment, where players take on the role of Renaissance painters to create their masterpieces. Michael talks about the work that into creating the game, the Kickstarter campaign now nearing completion, and his upcoming convention appearances to promote Pigment.

Author D.R. Perry has written a number of fantasy-themed books set here in New England, and will be among those at the annual Rhode Author Island Expo. She's released two books in her ongoing Wiser Guys and Nine Lives series, and talks about those and the other titles she's working on.

John Ingrassia of the Johnny I Band closes the show with look at his new album, the "Johnny I All Star Blues Revival, Vol. 1." This album is a massive collaboration effort with musicians such as Billy Cox, Bruce Katz, Tommy Shannon, and many more. John talks about the process of writing the songs working with so many great artists, how they helped shape the songs, and the upcoming second volume.