Saturday, October 7, 2017

Oct. 5, 2017: Rozy, Miko, and Machi/Ken Garlick/I am James

Opening the show, we've got Rozy of the New York-based band Rozy, Miko, and Machi. These three have a cool style that blends elements of 60s classic rock, 70s psychadelic and 90s alt-rock. We talk about the scene in New York, their recent single release, and their own production style.

Next up, author Ken Garlick shares his ghost/thriller story "Call Me Madame Alice." This is is first book, and he shares the range of characters, the extensive research he did with the real-life inspiration for his story, and the response he's gotten from the public and editor.

Singer-songwriter Sierra Cassidy is back with a brand new project, I Am James, a more pop-influenced style. She's also started a new life in Nashville, having moved there a month ago. Along with the new sound, we talk about her time playing there and plans now that she's started this new journey.

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