Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sept. 21, 2017: Laurel Ostiguy/Toke the Closer

BADD with Toke the Closer and his team
This week, we see the debut of Citywide Blackout Street Team member Gina House, as she interviews the band The Last King. 

Plus, author Laurel Ostiguy opens our series of interviews of members of the upcoming 5th Annual Rhode Island Author Expo. Laurel's two books into her new Onondoga State series, and we talk about the different characters, how one spawned their own story, and how she's planned out the series. Laurel even treats us to an on-air reading from book.

Hip-hop author Toke the Closer has brought his entire production team with him to wrap up the show! He's been making music for years, and we talk about how he managed to craft his quick and precise style, how the music he makes has evolved, and future releases.

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