Monday, September 18, 2017

Sept. 14, 2017: Berklee College of Music/Whoopi Sticks/Sondro Castro

Whoopi Sticks 

It was a packed house on last week's show, where I talked to Tony Brown of birnCORE, along with Berklee College of Music students Gerson Eguiguren, Kaya Miller, and Chris Allison about their recent recording session with legendary guitarist Kaki King. The students talk about their favorite songs and what it was like working with her.

Next, it's the 246th appearance of the punk bank Whoopi Sticks! OK, not that many, but not too far off, either. Max and the band give the 411 on their next shows, and play lots of great new tunes.

Hip-hop artist Sondro Castro rounds out the program with a look at his own long career, which includes working with his son. We share a few shoutouts to those working in the local scene, and Sondro spreads the message that no artist stands apart, and the need to work together.

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