Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 25, 2017: Seven Spires/Sean Fay Wolfe/Sleight of Hand Films

Seven Spires
First up is the metal band Seven Spires, and they have a lot to talk about! They have a new album, "Solveig," a concept album about a lost soul's journey through the underworld. They're also releasing a series of videos for each of the songs on the album. In addition, they've got an overseas show coming up.

Author Sean Fay Wolfe returns, with a brand new book, "The Elementia Chronicles Battle Book." It includes artwork of the characters in the Elementia Chronicles series done by artists from around the world. Plus, Sean talks about his work visiting schools across the country.

Filmmaker Dave Sullivan is back, and he's brought friends. The cast and crew of Sleight of Hand Films invades the studio to talk about their sexploitation films, bringing back a genre that has been gone for years. We look at the production process, the challenges of finding the perfect set, and their newest work, due out in September.


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