Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feb. 2, 2017: Sidestep Complex/Jonny Glenn/Blindspot

Sidestep Complex
First up is the husband-and-wife duo of Sidestep Complex. With electronic, violin, sick rap lyrics and a wide array of sounds, their sound is one of a kind. They talk about how they first formed, their unique style, and an upcoming Valentine's Day show at Out of the Blue Too.

Jonny Glenn is a South Carolina-born singer-songwriter with a great pop style that he transitioned to as he searched for a sound that resonated with him. He's in Boston now, playing lots of shows and working to become a known presence in the local scene. He's also taking the stage soon, at the Brighton Music Hall on Feb. 10.

I've been a fan of Blindspot since seeing them perform in Lowell, and over the past couple weeks they've hit a lot of milestones, including performing with Aerosmith. They're set to release their debut EP, and will be taking the stage at the Middle East on Feb. 25.

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