Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nov. 5, 2015: Carol Ascher/Michael Hartigan/Buell Hollister/Force Us To Stop

Michael Srima and Pat Speece from Force Us To Stop
We've got the authors lined up for this's like our very own book festival! Plus, lots of great local music!

First up is Carol Ascher for her newest book, "A Call From Spooner Street," in which an estranged father and daughter are thrown back together after years apart. She talks about how this helped her deal with the experience of being banished by her own father years ago.

An old work friend of Max's is on next to talk about his new book, "Stone Angels." Mike Hartigan tells us what led him to pen this tale of dark secrets and how they are never truly gone.

Author Buell Hollister launches the second half of the show with his story of the adventures one can have with a shrunken head....seriously, that's what the book is about, but it's funny as hell! We learn more about Leeram and Gilbert and where their unusual journey takes them.

Four years ago Michael Scrima was on to talk about his band Force Us To Stop, and after all this time he has a new lineup and new plans. We hear what he and fellow band member Pat Speece have in store and listen to a couple tunes they produced.

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