Saturday, November 19, 2016

Nov. 17, 2016: John Hanifin Band/Michael Squatrito/Scott Simmons/Super Megafest, Pt. 4

The John Hanifin Band
The John Hanifin Band plays an amazing live set to open the show! Later, the band joins me in the studio to talk about their recent debut CD release, the recording process, and how they all met.

Author Michael Squatrito is next, and he has a great event to talk about! The 2016 Rhode Island Author Expo is just a couple weeks away, and Citywide will be live broadcasting the entire thing! Mike previews the event, which is free, features 125 authors from Rhode Island, plus some great workshops and panels.

Scott Simmons calls in to talk about the Foundry Artists Holiday Show. It's a six-day showcase of more than 60 artists, a perfect thing for those who struggle with the holiday shopping. There's plenty to choose from, and Scott outlines what people can expect at this event.

BONUS: The Blackout Bootleg series from Super Megafest comes to a close, with Dave DeVries telling us all about his art program, The Monster Engine, and author and artist Kate Klockow goes into her work with the paranormal, and how it factors into her books.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nov. 10, 2016: EBASS/B.J. Knapp/Everyone's Hero Cosplay/Super Megafest, Part 3

Hailey Magee and Hannah Siglin
Hailey Magee makes her return for the monthly EBASS segment, along with singer-songwriter Hannah Siglin. We talk about music videos, the different options out there, and what to consider before shelling out the cash. There's so many ways to go about it, especially in a city like Boston.
Hannah shares some live acoustic tunes, what it's like transitioning from the state of Washington to Boston, and her family's musical background.

Author B.J. Knapp talks about her new book, "Beside the Music," a tale of an aging rock band and their decision to record a new album in the home of a very devoted fan. Suffice to say, not all sides are in agreement, and hilarity ensues. B.J.'s a diehard music fan herself, and her own love of rock plays a role in the story.

Cosplay artist Everyone's Hero Skypes in to share the facts on the 40 costumes he's made since joining the cosplay community two and a half years ago. From Nick Fury to Batman, he has a wide array of personas that he's adopted, learning as he goes and doing a lot with sometimes limited resources. He's gotten to know so many cosplayers, and he has some great stories to share.

BONUS: We've got Part 3 of the Blackout Bootleg series from Super Megafest! Author Blake Renworth talks about her debut book, "The Exiled Seven," as well as her own work as an editor. Stacey Longo has a slew of titles to her name, including several collections and her first book, "Ordinary Boy." She and Max talk about her journalism background, and if the characters that she's met while on the beat made their way into her stories.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Nov. 3, 2016:Sam Kafrissen/Josh Dahl/Supermega Fest, Part 2

Comic author Josh Dahl
Host Max Bowen talks about some recent news in the local music scene as well as the upcoming shows and events.

At the top of the second hour, author Sam Kafrissen shares his stories of growing up in West Warwick, Rhode Island, and how this influenced his Hugh Doherty Mystery series. Sam also the origin of Hugh, and how he goes from small-town private eye to solving murders and protecting Nazi war criminals.

Josh Dahl has worked in comics for years, and on the show he unveils his newest project, Rapid City, a series where real-life events are seen through the eyes of superheroes. He has two titles, Below Zero and Objects at Rest, and both tell interesting, insightful stories.

BONUS: The Blackout Bootleg series rolls on with our interviews with the stellar artists at Super Megafest. Comic creator Bob Salley talks about his series Salvagers and author MK Shwartz gives the story behind his Ratarra fantasy series.