Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jan. 28, 2016: EBASS/Adam Sickler/Christa Gniadek

Hailey Magee with Adam Sickler

We welcome back Hailey Magee from EBASS for our monthly music/business segment. We'll be talking about how to draft the best press material to make sure the news about your CD release or tour gets noticed above all else.
We'll also be talking to Adam Sickler, who's got new tunes to share and a tour to talk about.

Singer-songwriter Christa Gniadek returns to talk about her new album, "Hard Summer," funded by her fans through an intense Kickstarter campaign. What's in store once the album's released? We'll have all the answers for you.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jan. 21, 2016: Dead Trains/Dronehead Odyssey/Sierra Cassidy

Dead Trains play their live set

This week we're bringing you three amazing live sets!
We open the show with a sweet live set from the band Dead Trains. They've got a new album to be dropped in February, and we're going to hear all about, plus how their different styles come together to craft their punk blues sound.

We're keeping the new tunes going with another live set from Dronehead Odyssey. This project from Matt Fuller of Ghost Cats is a smooth electronica/rock blend and he'll be performing at Great Scott on Jan, 27.

Singer-songwriter Sierra Cassidy will be bringing the show to a close with more live music, She hails from Michigan and is recently arrived to Boston, and since then has been performing at a number of places around the city. We talk about these experiences, plus her goals as a musician.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jan. 14, 2016: Mike Kerr Group/Margaret Cowie/Leslie Browning/Kelly Kancyr

Singer/songwriter Kelly Kancyr performs live
We're rolling right along into the new year with a great lineup for tonight's show. We start off with Ven Tangaraj of the Mike Kerr Group. They've got a ton of shows both near and far, including Los Angeles for the upcoming NAAM convention.

Author Margaret Cowie is up next with her third book, which looks at experiences people have had with lost loved ones. It's called "Connected Stillâ¦Love Continues Beyond the Grave," and for those who feel like those they've lost are still with them, you won't want to miss this interview.

At the start of the second hour, we welcome our second author! L.M. Browning is a poet, writer, photographer, and founder of Homebound Publications. You know this will be an interesting talk as we highlight the many authors she works with and new books set for a 2016 release.

Last, but most definitely not least is Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Kelly Kancyr. She's been performing for 20 years and recently turned her attention to teaching the next generation of musicians.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jan. 7, 2016: Anne Sarkisian/Izzy Heltai/Laurie Lewis and Boston Bluegrass Union

Singer-songwriter Izzy Heltai

We are back and are looking forward to Citywide Blackout in 2016! We open the show with author Anne Sarkisian to talk about her book, "Toxic Staple," a look at the world of gluten and how the benefits living without it. Anne's poured countless hours into researching this health issue, and she'll be sharing it all with us.

Born and raised in Boston, singer-songwriter Izzy Heltai has been spending the last few years playing out in the Berkshires, and he's ready to bring his sound back to the city. He talks about the music scene out in the Berkshires and his hopes for playing for the Boston scene.
He's got a new EP and plays a live set.

Bluegrass artist Laurie Lewis will be performing on Jan. 16 in Lexington at the Museum of Our National Heritage with a slew of her friends, and we'll be talking about this, her many shows, and years spent on the road and her plans today.