Saturday, August 22, 2015

Aug. 20, 2015: The Big Lonesome/Robert Dove McClellan/Ben Zackheim/OTB: Hayley Sabella

Author Robert Dove McClellan
Chad Gosselin and Joe Ziemba of the four-piece indie rock band The Big Lonesome play some great live tunes and share the highlights of their recent summer tour. Plus, we talk new music, and who doesn't like that?

Next, we move onto food, with author Robert Dove McClellan and his book, "A Dance in the Kitchen." Far from being a collection of recipes, this new release looks at the politics and culture of the food we eat, and how we can use those connections to better understand one another.

Ben Zackheim brings us mystery and fantasy with his two book series, Camelot Kids and Shirley Link. Though geared more towards young adults, these two titles have something for everyone.

BONUS: This week, Outside the Box performer Hayley Sabella joins Max to talk about what she's been up to this summer and some recent releases.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Aug. 13, 2015: Fort Vine/Beer Terrain/Hadley Miller/Christa Gniadek/OTB: Ami and Tami

Nyna Nelson and Trevor Tunison of Fort Vine 
New York-based indie rock band Fort Vine joins us to open the show with a stellar acoustic set. They talk about their first Boston show, their A Song A Day In May project where they wrote, recorded, and mastered a new song each day, and their upcoming releases.

Do you like beer? Then sit back, pop open a cold one, and enjoy our interview with author Jon Cook for his new book, "Beer Terrain," a comprehensive look at the craft beer scene in New England.
Far from a simple review of local brews, Jon takes an in-depth look at this growing industry and the farmers and brewers behind it. We hear about his favorite brews and how the "localvore" movement is changing craft beer.

Author Hadley Miller makes her Citywide debut to launch the second hour of the show. She'll be sharing her collection of erotic short fiction; an intense, detailed, and well-written array of tales. We also talk about how this genre has changed with more erotica becoming mainstream.

Bringing the show to a close singer/songwriter Christa Gniadek. Last year she released her stellar album, "Leaving Boston," and we'll be talking about that, her tours, and a whole lot more.

BONUS: Our series of Outside the Box artists continues! Matti Kovler wrote and directed this whimsical take on "Hansel and Gretel," called "Ami and Tami." Future performances are planned, and you can learn all about it!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Aug. 6, 2015: Mardy Price/Eric Kabakoff/Dan Rippy/Outside the Box: Thea Hopkins

This week we're stepping out of our usual New England area and talking to Florida R&B artist, Mardy Price. He's got a slew of videos and a new mixtape in the works.We talk about his local tours, how he connects with fans, and how he plans to grow his music career.

Sports fans won't want to miss the interview with author Eric Kabakoff for his book, "Rally Caps, Rain Delays and Racing Sausages."
The book is a look at his trips to every major league ballpark, and also shows the relationships that the teams have with their fans. We pick Eric's brain for his favorite ballpark, best team, and some of the things he saw and did while on his journey.

Author Dan Rippy brings the show to a close with his book, "Pirates In the Robosphere," an adventure where teens and their robots are put to the ultimate test. Dan is a advocate for continued education, particularly in science, and we look at what in his book is truly fiction, and what's possible with today's technology.

BONUS-We continue our interviews of the many performers at this year's Outside the Box with singer/songwriter Thea Hopkins.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 30, 2015: Sarah Blacker/Tony McMillen/Ian Lamont/David Riese/Fine Art Superhero

Matt and Max with Sarah Blacker
We open the show with singer/songwriter Sarah Blacker to talk about new release, "In Waves," and enjoy some great live acoustic tunes. Sarah's been a guest on the show since it first launched six years ago, and we're proud to have her back. In addition, we look at the web concerts she's been hosting and her plans for the summer.

Author Tony McMillen talks music and books next. He gives us the rundown on his Boston Comic-Con appearance last weekend, and tells us all about his new book, "Nefarious Twit."

Next we have Ian Lamont, founder of the In 30 Minutes Guides. These books look at programs like Dropbox and Excel to personal finance and easy Chinese recipes. There's something for everyone here, and he's always looking for new writers.

We're proud to have author David Riese bring the show to a close with his book, Echo from Mount Royal, a book based in part on his conversations at his local coffee shop. It's a great story that you'll want to hear more of.

BONUS: Our Blackout Booleg series continues with another of the amazing artists at this summer's Outside the Box Festival! This week, Max shares his interview with Basil El Halwagy and his performing arts showcase, Fine Art Superheroes.