Thursday, January 10, 2013

Citywide Blackout Best of 2012 report

Ryan Spaulding of Ryan's Smashing Life, one of the guest hosts

Curious as to what the hosts picked for their Best Band, Venue, Event and Album of the year? Look no further!

Max Bowen, host and producer of Citywide Blackout

Best Band-Totem
Best Album-"Hello Weekend," by Biscuits and Gravy
Best Venue-The Lizard Lounge

Best Event-The New England Americana Festival

Tom Crossman, founder of Local Music 101 and co-host of Citywide Blackout

Best Band-Mean Creek
Best Album-"Gutter Choir," by Hivesmasher
Best Venue-Radio
Best Event-May 24 at Great Scott: You Can Be A Wesley, Magic Magic, Beast Make Bomb and Night Fruit.

Perry Eaton, founder of Allston Pudding

Album-All We Love We Leave Behind by Converge and Fat Creeps

JoeG, host of "Droppin' Knowledge" on WMBR

Best Band-Air Traffic Controller
Best Album-"The Triples Vol II," by Abbie Barret and The Last Date
Best Venue-The Sinclair
Best Event-The 7th Annual RJL Memorial Fund Battle of the Bands

Jeff Royds, of the NEGB1 Radio Network

Best Album-"Taranasaurus Sex" by Cougar Bait 
Best Venue-The Raven
KC TheManagement Hoye, head of social media and marketing at UNregular Radio
Best Band-Lovewhip
Best Album-"The Waiting Room," by Vary Lumar
Best Venue-The Middle East
Best Event-Cask Mouse's performance at the 2012 Rock n' Roll Rumble Opening Round

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