Sunday, August 27, 2017

Aug. 24, 2017: Louis Apollon/Spocka Summa/Sonic Selection

Myself and Louis Apollon

First on deck, it's singer-songwriter Louis Apollon, an interview that has been months in the making. Louis has an album release show coming up on Sept. 30, plus he'll be performing at Club Passim next week. In addition to all this, we talk about his time growing up in New York and his family's influence on his music.

Hip-hop artist Spocka Summa is fresh off of his latest tour, which took him up and down the East Coast. He shares some of the tales from that trip, and gives some details on his CD release show in October at Aurora in Providence.

Sonic Selection gives a surprise interview, and what a great time I have talking to them. This hip-hop duo have been friends for years and have a great sound together. In addition to their past, we talk about their current projects, and how they work to make such amazing music.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Aug. 17, 2017: Marko and the Bruisers/DOMi/Rush Nicklez

The punk/rock band Marko and the Bruisers are up first, with a new album set to be released soon. The band's been together for a little over a year, and have a lot of shows under their belt, with another planned for the CD release.

Next up, I play a pre-recorded interview with Boston-based keyboardist DOMi, who's part of the RISE music series at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum. The monthly showcase pairs established musicians with those newer to the industry. DOMi has been around the world, both learning about music and touring, and we talk about the shows that have stood out, and new music that she has in the works.

Hip-hop artist Rush Nicklez has a number of albums under his belt since he started making music 10 years ago. He's also performed at a number of venues, including the Middle East, and is working on a new album. We talk about the people he's worked with, both making music and on the art for his albums.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Aug. 10, 2017: John Barrett/Charlemont Reggae Festival/Shellz

John Barrett
Opening the show is singer-songwriter John Barrett, back with some new music and a whole lot more! He's working on an animation for his music, a play at Shrewsbury High School, and even some hip-hop tunes. John is always working on a new project, and he tells us all about them and brings some live music to the show.

Robert Bond of the Charlemont Reggae Festival calls in to talk about this great annual showcase of local reggae acts now in its 22nd year. An event like this isn't easy to put together, and Robert outlines what goes into it, and the artists that will be performing.

Hip-hop artists Shellz and BADD return to the studio to talk about new work, including an album of Shellz's that is nearing completion. Shellz talks about the recording process, the challenge of knowing when to stop, and how he does with CDs versus digital downloads.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Aug. 3, 2017: Genie Santiago/Some Freaks/Syph

First up, R&B artist Genie Santiago is in the studio along with Lisa Finelli of Xperience Creative to talk about her new single, "Know Your Worth," which was released just last Friday. She's also got a new album in the works, and she shares her upbringing, the influence of her father, and what it was like moving around all over the Boston area as a kid. Genie's message of valuing yourself for what you are and not letting others define it is a powerful one.

Musician and artist Walter Sickert calls in for the new movie, "Some Freaks," which opened on Friday. He scored this feature length film about three friends transitioning from high school to college, and talked about the process of working with director Ian MacAllister McDonald. Walter has done scoring work before, and shared some of the scenes that really connected with him, as well as getting to see the filming process.

Hip-hop artist Syph rounds out the program with some amazing music from his fourth mix-tape set to drop by September. Syph has been making music for the last 10 years and has three other albums under his belt, which leaves us a lot to talk about.