Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 23, 2017: Positive Negative Man/Mariachi flor de Toloache/Cube Ref

Cube Ref and the crew behind "The Virus"
The band Positive Negative Man is first on deck, with a great story on how they came together. They've got a diverse background given all their former projects and range of styles. They're also working on new material, and will be hitting the stage in May.

The all-female Mariachi flor de Toloache is next. They're performing at the Isabella Gardener Museum as part of its monthly RISE series, which pairs established performers with those who are newer to the stage. Member Mireya Ramos talks to Max in a pre-recorded interview about the show and they're upcoming second album.

Hip-hop artist Cube Ref brings in quite the talented crew to talk about the newest compilation produced by DNA, and featuring some amazing performers. They even rock a sick freestyle session to bring the show to a close.

As a special bonus, we play two songs from Lital Yohay, a singer-songwriter and music teacher from Israel.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 16, 2017: Aaron Chase/Boston Underground Film Festival/Zaid Tabani

The crew of the Boston Underground Film Festival
Aaron Chase, lead singer of the band of the same name, is on first to talk about this newest musical project, and how it stands apart from his previous work as a solo artist and in bands. We hear about his time at Berklee College of Music, and the upcoming release of his debut EP, âDiary of a Thief.â

Chris Hallock, Kevin Monahan, and Nicole McControversy are some of the minds behind the upcoming Boston Underground Film Festival, an annual showcase of some of the best filmmakers from all over. Nicole walks us through the selection process and how she determines what films she'd like featured in the festival, now in its 19th year. Chris and Kevin share their insights into what makes a good movie, as well as some of the artists featured this year.

Hip-hop artist Zaid Tabani hails from Southern California, but has called Boston home for the past four years. He tells the story about what brought him to the East Coast and his thoughts on its music scene. Zaid also talks about the message behind his music, as well as how he became immersed in the video game industry.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 9, 2017: EBASS/Haley Katrin Studios/Sella's Kitchen

Max with the cast and crew of Sella's Kitchen
Hailey Magee of EBASS returns to share her insight into making it as a musician. Thought by some to be an impossible dream, Hailey, her guest Haley Haerr-Hartmann of Haley Katrin Studios, and Max talk about the different ways that musicians have used their skills to turn their craft into a career.

Next, Haley talks about her upcoming show with EBASS, Singing Sober: Musicians Sharing Stories of Recovery. Featuring Melissa Ferrick, MB Padfield, & Anjimile, this show celebrates the strength and power of those who choose to embrace sobriety. Melissa Ferrick, MB Padfield, and Anjimile will share their stories of the struggles, difficulties, and rewards of the journey towards recovery. The event will also feature an open mic where audience members can share their own experiences.

Closing out the show is filmmaker Ralph Celestin to talk about his new project, Sella's Kitchen. Ralph is joined by actress/model Trisha Mondesir and actress and radio host Tayla Andre. We talk about the story behind this coming of age drama that explores Hatian American culture, and the roles that Trisha and Tayla take on. Ralph talks about the work that went into this new movies, as well as his previous project, Boston2Philly.

Blackout Bootleg: Boskone Podcast, Volume 2

In our next installment of the Boskone podcast series, Max and Matt talk to artist Chris Mindle, Trisha Wooldridge and Roxanne Bland of Broad Universe, and Lindsay Moore, co-founder of Hellcat Press.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 2 , 2017:Nina Pickell/Mr. Ooh Booii/Aversed/Chris Ruediger

Mr. Ooh Booii and his talented crew, Bryan and Miguel, with Nina Pickell
Nina Pickell has become well known in the Boston music scene for her skills as a marketing expert and one who can help an artist to grow their brand. This week, she shares her insights into how an artist can develop the business side of their work. She also tells us about a brand new music series that she's launching. 

Hip-hop artist Mr. Ooh Booii is back in the studio, with a new music video for his song "Give It To Me/End Of Night." The video is well-produced and features a huge cast. Mr. Ooh Booii brings two of minds behind the project, Bryan Alexis and Miguel Carlos Martinez, who handled the art direction and style work. They've got some great stories to share about the work that went into this great project.

The metal band Aversed has some new music to share from their debut EP, as well as their work being featured in the latest Heavy Rotation Records release. The band shares the story of how they came together, how to do a good guttural, and their many upcoming shows.

At only 17, singer-songwriter Chris Ruediger has accomplished a lot, with his new single release "Summertime Story" at the top of the list. He's played in Nashville and many other local shows. Chris' friends also join the show, and we take a look at some of the stories behind his music.