Sunday, January 29, 2017

Jan. 26, 2017: Ysaye M. Barnwell/B.A.D.D./Matt Zappa

Those attending the RISE showcase at Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are in for a sneak preview, as we talk with Ysaye M. Barnwell, a singer, author, teacher, and much, much more! Her career has spanned decades and includes performing with Grammy-winning Sweet Honey in the Rock and organizing a workshop on building vocal communities that has been held on three continents! Maybe we should just give her the show?

Hip-hop artist B.A.D.D. returns with a brand new single and a cool new concept album, where he takes on his greatest enemy....himself?! Check out the podcast to hear all about this one.

Matt Zappa returns to Citywide, but this time he's in the hot seat! Matt will be talking about his upcoming presentation at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on metal and giving what's sure to be a kickass demo.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan. 19, 2017: Sonic Pulse/Peter Eldridge/Frosty

We open the show with the "Beer-Fueled, Bong-Ripping, Pizza-Surfin' Extreme Progressive Power Party Thrash" band Sonic Pulse! They're playing on Jan. 28 at the Revocation show in Manchester, N.H. They've got a new single out, the first of a brand new album.

Singer-songwriter Peter Eldridge has a new album, "Disappearing Day," plus a huge show on Feb. 4. He's be on to tell us all about that, touring solo and with the band New York Voices, and his time teaching at Berklee College of Music.

"Frosty" is a newest feature film from Quentin Lewis, and what a story it is! Murder, betrayal, and deceit run rampant in this fast-paced thriller. Plus, we feature some of the artists who contributed their music to this great project!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jan. 12, 2017: L.L. Craft/Joe Rich/Chris Moreno/Zephyr Workshop

Michael Epstein, Breeze Grigas, and Emily Hancock
Author L.L. Craft is on first to talk about his two erotic horror novels, "Abigail" and "Every Dog Has Its Day." These books combine the best of both genres, and L.L. keeps the pace quick, intense, and very entertaining. 

Joe Rich is a singer-songwriter who's using his music to benefit a very worthy cause. He's written two songs, and the proceeds from the sales will benefit the Peter Frates #3 fund to end ALS. Along with telling us what led to him choosing this charity, we talk about the stories behind the songs and enjoy some great live music.

Musician Chris Moreno has a lot to be excited about-his 2017 starts with the release of a new album, "Into The Sun" and music video for his hit single, "Try." This is Chris' debut full-length album, which includes both recent music, and others written years ago. Chris also brings some great live music to the show.

The crew from Zephyr Games-Michael Epstein, Breeze Grigas, and Emily Hancock-have a stellar new game to showcase, all about combining robots! A.E.G.I.S. brings you warring nations, 90 different 'bots, and the kind of game that's easy to pick up and play. We give you a full demo, and a look at the projects to come.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jan. 5, 2017: Four Point Restraints/Flood This Earth/Live From The Caprice/I Was Awake

Randy and Scott from Flood This Earth
The band Four Point Restraints are back in the WEMF Radio studio for our first show of 2017. They've got new members, a new album soon to drop, and we enjoy some great live tunes.

Scott and Randy of Flood This Earth have a huge show coming up at Club Jewel with Revocation, and in addition to that we talk metal, comics, and preview a brand new live album.

Live From The Caprice is a new online show that takes bands inside a massive Chevy Caprice for a very unique performance. We talk about what goes into making the shows happen, the challenges of being on the road, and some of the bands that have been a part of it.

I Was Awake are back! The guys return to talk about their new album "Facade," which features some new sounds built up over the last two years.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dec. 29, 2016: Kierra Walsh/Off The Beaten Path Press/Fly Native

Kierra Walsh of Fan Girl Music Enterprises is back in the studio to talk about what was big in 2016, what there is to look forward to in 2017, and everything in between.

C.J. Daniels and Gordon Bean of Off The Beaten Path Press call in to talk about their company, aimed at helping new authors get their voices heard. Both are published authors in the horror and sci-fi genres, and talk about the challenges of being a new writer, their preferred titles, and what they've dealt with in the writing world.

Shyne of Fly Native Apparel and Sports Entertainment has a going on, between working with athletes and launching his apparel company. He talks about the many athletes he works with, how they choose who to work with, and the drive needed to make it.