Sunday, October 30, 2016

Oct. 27, 2016: Jean-Luc/King J/Loren Walker/Ballroom of Horror/Supermega Fest, Part 1

Trevor Kaminski, Jean-Luc, and King-J
We open the show with hip-hop artists Jean-Luc and King J. Both have upcoming releases and are new to the city of Boston. We talk about the music scene here, how it compares to their hometown, and how they craft their unique styles. Joining them is promoter and event organizer Trevor Kaminski.

Author Loren Walker kicks off the 9 p.m. hour with some great book talk! "Eko," a fantasy adventure story, begins her four-book NINE series, and she shares some background into how the story took shape, her editing style, and her prior work in comics.

Guest co-host Matt Martino returns to talk about the Ballroom of Horror! Now in it's third year, this haunted horror has scared the hell out of many a brave soul, and much more is planned for this year.

BONUS: The Blackout Bootleg series kicks off it's newest collection, interviews from Supermega Fest! Max spent the weekend there and got to talk to some amazing artists of all kinds. This week features artist Wishkoi and cosplayer Captain Kaycee.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Oct. 20, 2016: EBASS and Nico Rivers/Ignition Comics/Garbage Point/Horror Writers of Maine

[L-r] Emily Graham-Handley, Nico Rivers, and Hailey Magee
Hailey Magee is back for our monthly EBASS segment. We talk about some of the "old school" promoting methods like hitting shows, posting fliers, and general word of mouth, and if these still have a place where some people measure the attendance based on the Facebook event pages.
Later, Nico Rivers and Emily Graham-Handley play some great tunes for us, and we learn about Nico's Live From Nowhere music series and his many, many shows.

Corey Sawyer of Ignition Comics has a brand new series out, "Rapture," a story about a world where everyone has the potential to develop powers based on a flight-or-fight response to situations. He debuted this at Granite-State Comic-Con and it's gotten some rave reviews since then. Hear about the creative process that brought this title into being and the many minds behind it.

The band Garbage Point is next, and you can expect a great show from them on Halloween at the Haunted Ballroom at Once in Somerville. This horror-themed band talks about their favorite slashers, and an upcoming CD release.

BONUS: The last installment in the Blackout Bootleg series, Max talks to the folks at Horror Writers of Maine, who were at the recent Granite-State Comic-Con.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Oct. 6, 2016: Peter Simeti/Christopher Golden/Mr. Ooh Booii/V.S. Holmes

Mr. Ooh Booii (center) and his fellow music creators
Peter Simeti, founder of Alterna Comics, talks about his upcoming screenings for "The Chair," a comic series adapted for the big screen. When an innocent man sits on death row, the sadistic torture he sees carried out by the warden and his guards twists him into something horrible. And just wait until we tell you about the special guest star!

Author Christopher Golden and some of his fellow writers are assembling for the second Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival on Oct. 22. Some of the biggest names in horror will be there, with lots of great panels on the industry and some of the scarier tales of New England.

Hip-hop artist Mr. Ooh Booii joins us to talk about his new music video shoot and upcoming mix tape. His style of urban pop music blends elements of the 90s with the styles of today, crafting a sound that flows through the air to all ears. He's got a lot to say and you won't want to miss a word of it!

BONUS: We continue our Blackout Bootleg series from the Granite State Comic-Con with fantasy author V.S. Holmes. She talks about her ongoing Reforged series and her sci-fi archaeology tales.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sept. 29, 2016: Ill Thrift/Tony Tremblay/Braken MacLeod/Hunted

Phil Norwood of Ill Thrift
 Phillip Norwood of the band Ill Thrift is on first for a great solo set. He mixes some cool effects with his acoustic performance, and in between songs, we talk about recent changes with Ill Thrift, his thoughts on sites like Spotify, and how he achieved such a great singing voice.

Tony Tremblay has been dubbed "The Nicest Guy in Horror," but that doesn't make him a pushover! His newest book, "The Seeds of Nightmares," is a collection of some of his best work, some being published for the first time. We'll talk about this and his many new projects.

The horror continues with Bracken MacLeod. He's got a new book out called "Stranded," a journey into a nightmare-filled, perilous trek in the harshest environment you can imagine! We look at the setting for the book, and why he chose it, as well as the unlikely hero.

BONUS: Our Blackout Bootleg series from the Granite State Comic-Con continues with the new comic, Hunted, where the monsters aren't quite so evil, and the heroine fights more than just the bad guys.