Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blackout Bootleg: Cameron Arrow

In this edition of the Blackout Bootleg sessions, Max has a humorous and heartfelt talk with author Cameron Arrow about his book, "Into Focus: An Exhibitionist's Show & Tell-All." It's an autobiography of sorts, with tales of faux kidnappings, raunchy evenings, and unforgettable people from Cameron's early years. These experiences shaped Cameron's life and future, and he talks about what he gained from those times.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dec. 17, 2015: EBASS/Duchess and the Royal Court/Michael Dutton

Hailey from EBASS and Nick and Zach from In This River with Max and Matt
This week, we welcome Hailey Magee from Emerging Boston Area Singer Songwriters [EBASS] for a special one-hour interview. We'll be talking about the other options for artists to get themselves seen in an era when so many venues are closing.
After that, we talk Nick Ingrisani & Zach Cohen of In This River. They've got a debut album coming out, and we'll have live music just for you!

Our fans in Salem won't want to miss our interview of the night with singer-songwriter Melissa Cote, better known as Duchess and the Royal Court. She's been playing in the city for some time, and she's eager to spread her wings and see what else awaits her.

Author Michael Dutton is on next to talk about his "Christmaville" book series.
"In a town nestled between magic and miracle, snuggled between dream and deja vu, Mary Jane Higgins embarks on a series of perilous journeys, determined to resolve the riddle of Christmasville."
He's got two down and one to go!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dec. 10, 2015: The Instinct

This week, Max flies solo with the band The Instinct. They've got a brand new album, "Mostly Awake," and big plans for New Year's Eve with a killer show in Rockport! We talk about the tunes, the many people involved with the album, and some key new members. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec. 3, 2015: The Breakfast Project/Rachael McIntosh

The band The Breakfast Project are up first, and they've got some great stories to share! With some sick live tunes and a preview of upcoming shows, there's a lot to cover in the first hour of the program.

After that, we welcome back author Rachael L. McIntosh to talk about her new book, "The Big Show," book three of the "Security Through Absurdity" series. The series follows Jocelyn McLaren is a beautiful, hard working, yet naive visual artist who, through a twist of fate, ends up working for a major US defense contractor during the lead up to the Iraq war. She unknowingly witnesses and unwittingly participates in crimes that haunt her and are ultimately interlinked with the most nefarious psychopaths on the planet.