Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sept. 24, 2015: Newton Frohlich/Jocelyn Arndt/Michael DeMasi/Mayor of Rock and Roll

Newton Frohlich opens the show with his book, "The Shakespeare Mask." It's a heavily-research fictional story on the man many believe to be responsible for writing some of the most well-known works in literary history. Why would such a learned man use the name of a peasant to publish his works? Learn the answer to these and more questions in this interview.

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt play a great live set and tell us about the 100-plus shows they've played over the last year. They've also got a new album in the works, with a different style from their past music.

Last time we spoke to Michael DeMasi, it was to talk about his thriller, "The Bostonian."
Well, he's back, this time to share the story of his novel, "What the Cold Night Holds." This has been a real page-turner, a gritty story from the streets of Pittsburgh. The details are stunning, the story gripping, and the characters brought to life with Michael's unique style.

BONUS: Max talks to Brendan Boogie and Nicole Marie, two of stars of the great movie "The Mayor of Rock and Roll," written and directed by Mark Phinney. It was among the stellar movies at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sept. 17, 2015: Sean Fay Wolfe/Lance Tobin

Matt and Max with author Sean Fay Wolfe

Sean Fay Wolfe opens the show with his trilogy of books, "The Elementia Chronicles," based on the popular game Minecraft. He outlines the story, characters, and educational qualities that he sees in the game.

Lance Tobin is well known for the shows he books at Brighton Music Hall, and in the second hour, we look at the shows he has in the works, his thoughts on the recent club closings, and what he has in store this fall.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sept. 10, 2015: Strange Changes/Ellen Feld/Three Points of Madness/MIFF: Echoes

Three Points of Madness

We're bringing you tons of musical guests this week. Tom Dowd of the band Strange Changes gives us the scoop on a video they're going to record at Davis Square Theater on Oct. 2. Along with their amazing original tunes, the band will also perform with the Somerville Symphony Orkestar! It's not to be missed!

Ellen Feld is an author with a lot of horse sense.....OK, that was a lousy pun, but her books are great. Learn why she prefers a more realistic style of story as opposed to one with magic ponies, and how she started her company, Willow Bend Publishing.

The guys from Three Points of Madness bring the show to a close with a look at their new album, "American Papers." They've got a lot to say with this one! Plus, we talk about legendary basses that Ron Pacheco uses.

BONUS: Our coverage of the recent Massachusetts Independent Film Festival continues with writer/director Amy Leland, talking about her short film, "Echoes."

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sept. 3, 2015: Rachel McIntosh/Adam Tavel/Mikel Wisler/MIFF: Postpartum

Matt and filmmaker Mikel Wisler talk
about his new movie, "Unidentified"
Rachael L. McIntosh joins us to talk about "Little Yellow Stickies," the first in her three-book series, "Security Through Absurdity," which follows Jocelyn McLaren, who unwittingly and unknowingly participates in crimes after going to work for a U.S. defense contractor.
These books touch on a number of issues in the news as of late, and Rachel looks at what led her to writing the book and readers' reactions.

Mikel Wisler is a filmmaker whose new book, "Unidentified," is now being produced as his first feature film. The book is about alien abductions and the pursuit of the truth to save two children. Wisler looks at the process of going from book to film, the casting of the lead character, and his own thoughts on whether we're alone in the universe.

Poet Adam Tavel is next, and with dozens of his poems in a number of publications, we could likely devote the rest of the show to him. He talks about his new book, "Plash and Levitation," upcoming readings in Maryland and Alaska, and his secret to a great poetry presentation.

BONUS: Our Blackout Bootleg sessions continue, this time at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival. We talk to writer/director Izzy Lee and actress Diana Porter, for the short thriller film "Postpartum."

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Aug. 27, 2015: David Harris Lang/Kevin Symmons/Starlab Studios/Josh and the Jamtones/OTB: ENSMB and Cymbal Jungle

Max and Matt with Josh and the Jamtones
We're bringing you more than two hours of books, music, events, and so much more!

Author David Harris Lang joins us to open the show. We'll hear about his new book, "The Witch of Wanchai," his newest book still in the works, and where to find really good roast goose next time we're in China.

Up next is author Kevin Symmons, whose four romance books have earned him some major kudos. We'll talk about his newest work, "Chrysalis," being selected for Amazon's Encore program and what else he has in store.

If you were in Somerville recently, we hope you had the chance to catch the Starlab Studios annual Starlab Fest, an amazing collection of local artists and vendors. Richard Hawke, one of the many dedicated organizers, is in the studio to see what else Starlab has in store and the great production work that they do.

Josh & The Jamtones bring the show to a close with a look at their new album, their interactive shows, and what they have lined up this fall.

BONUS: The last two interviews from Outside the Box are here! Max talked to Handsome Chuck from Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band. We talk about their live shows and their recent release, "Mephistophelian Manifesto."

Maria Finkelmeier of Cymbal Jungle talks about her work with new and emerging artists and her work with musicians across the globe.